About Earth Wise Nutrition Centers - Santa Barbara

In 1976, Pamela's father opened one of Santa Barbara's first health food stores called "Balanced Health Foods". In 1991 she graduated with a BA in Sociology from UCSB. In '96, her dream of becoming self-employed came to fruition, as she bought an existing health food store (26 years!) just 5 miles from where her father instilled in her the "old school" methods of selling:
• customer service (treat each customer as an individual knowing each person has different needs)
• sell only the best quality (pay extra for the best products)
• sell the best products at sale prices everyday and your customers will come back....well at least most of them will and luckily 20 years and counting, they actually have.

Pamela offers each customer to start a privacy protected customer purchase history- not only to facilitate their return trip, so that their products can easily be retrieved properly, but so a tracking process can take place in order to achieve their individual health goals. Being certified nutritionists, they have extensive supplement training and also provide the third-party literature for the customer. This daily tracking process of all her products has created an inventory of over 800 quality products that Pamela guarantees 100%, of which the Viva Vitamins line dominates as the best vitamin/mineral supplement line.

After Pamela's beloved mother suffered a stroke in 2002, she used her years of study in the health field to completely rehabilitate her mother and prolong her life another 5 years til the age of 85. Pamela loves to work hard everyday to help her customers using the same TLC, honesty, and integrity she learned from her mother and father, OLD SCHOOL STYLE:) but today with many modern touches Daddy did not have access to.